Graham Brazier's court appearance yesterday was his second in two months facing charges of assaulting a woman

Hello Sailor frontman Graham Brazier has been back in court, accused of assaulting a woman.

The New Zealand musician denies the charge and appeared at the Auckland District Court yesterday.

Wearing a Liverpool football shirt, Brazier remained quiet during his brief appearance and let his lawyer, Adam Couchman, do the talking.

According to the police charge sheets in court, Brazier and hairdresser Joanne Wild both live at a Dominion Rd flat.

Mr Couchman told the court that Ms Wild would need to find another address to live at because he wanted Brazier bailed there.

Community magistrate Joanna Sihamu gave Brazier bail on the condition that he lived at his Dominion Rd flat, didn’t associate with Wild, and that he was not violent.

Wild is also facing a charge of assault. Police say she attacked Brazier using a light fitting as a weapon.

She was also bailed, and the pair are due back in court later this month.

It is Brazier’s second court appearance in as many months.

Last month he pleaded not guilty to two charges of assaulting his former partner, the Herald on Sunday reported.

Court documents show the alleged assaults on former partner Toni Aitcheson dated back to 2009.

Brazier is known for his vocals with iconic Kiwi rock outfit Hello Sailor, which formed in 1975. Their debut album two years later was the first New Zealand record to go gold.

The band toured the United States and Australia, and was inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame last year.

Brazier, who turned down an offer to join The Doors in 1978 after their lead singer Jim Morrison died, met Ms Aitcheson when he was a guest judge in 2007 on the talent contest Pop’s Ultimate Star.

Brazier, 61, was sentenced in the Auckland District Court today for two counts of male assaults female and one count of common assault.

Judge Grant Fraser said the singer’s criminal history showed he had “long-standing dependency/addiction to substances”.

He had convictions reaching back to the early 1980s, the judge said.

“Given the life-style, it’s hardly surprising.”

The assaults on his former partner occurred August 2009 and July 2010.

He grabbed her by the throat and threw her onto a bed on one occasion and grabbed her and threw her into a pile of boxes on another.

The third charge related to his current partner and involved him grabbing her by the neck and pushing her away.

The former partner has since moved to Hastings.

Brazier’s lawyer Adam Couchman said Brazier and his current partner were “still very much together”.

Brazier had engaged with alcohol and drug dependency services and the forecast looked “reasonably bright”, Couchman said.

“It’s a situation where he is moving forward.”

Judge Fraser agreed Brazier had made the right fist steps but he wanted judicial monitoring of his progress.

“You’re at the start of the journey but you’ve got a long way to go. Quite clearly alcohol and drugs is one of your issues, violence is another.”

He sentenced Brazier to 18 months’ intensive supervision with three-monthly reports and 100 hours community work.

He was also ordered to undergo any programmes ordered by probation.

Source: NZ Herald