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The Criminal Lawyers at Durham Street Chambers understand what it’s like to have a serious legal matter on your mind. ? A short discussion with one of our top legal barristers can give you the peace of mind you need. Our criminal lawyers have more than 70 years of combined legal experience specialising in all aspects of criminal law. We value and respect our clients, who can expect a cost effective, professional representation aiming to achieve the best possible results.

The Barristers at Durham Street Chambers receive and manage their own instructions so please contact them directly using the details provided on their individual pages. An instructing solicitor may be required.

Criminal Law

Covering all areas of criminal law from police station attendances, court appearances, bail applications, judge alone and jury trials, sentencing, discharges without conviction, appeals.? Our experienced team have vast experience in the District court, High Court, and Court of Appeal.

Need to Avoid a Conviction?

A conviction can have catastrophic life long consequences for employment, travel and immigration permits.? Our team have achieved discharges without conviction for their clients on a wide array of criminal offences including drug dealing, violence offences and alcohol related driving.

Traffic Offences

Lost your licence or caused a major accident? ? Facing a charge involving the use of a motor vehicle?? Need a work licence? We have the experts in traffic law who know how to get results no matter how serious the problem. We have experts in traffic law who know how to get results.

Proceeds of Crime

Police applying to restrain and forfeit your property?? Our team of lawyers have a proven track record in defending such applications, preventing significant financial loss and forfeiture of houses, cash? and other assets.


  • Myth # 1 I am required to answer questions

    You are only required to provide your name, address and date of birth to the police??..any further question no matter how simple or straightforward the question may have a huge negative impact further down the track.? Your answers will be used against you not for you. Ask to speak to one of our lawyers immediately and remain silent.

  • Myth # 2 I am not making a statement I am just answering a few questions

    Wrong. Anything that comes out of your mouth is a statement will be used against you if it helps the police case.? It does not matter if the answer is given in a formal interview or not. For example, what is said in a ?friendly chit-chat? in a police car on the way to the station is as much a statement as an answer given in a formal interview back at the police station.

  • Myth # 3 I have nothing to hide ? might as well answer questions or give a DNA sample

    Wrong.? The police may see it differently.? They might see you as a possible suspect. Remember, innocent people do ?get convicted. Better to play it safe, remain silent, answer no questions, give no samples and call one of our team immediately.

  • Myth # 4 If I co-operate I will be less likely to be charged

    Wrong.? The police are after evidence.? Co-operation means there will be more to be used against you.? Stop.? Call one of our team immediately.


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